1. While doing a quick pass through the Edward W. Strong papers (BANC MSS 2005/177c), I stumbled upon some wonderful images of Strong, but also of the Free Speech and Anti-Vietnam War movements on the Berkeley campus. The third Chancellor of U.C. Berkeley in 1961, Strong held many positions at the university including Chair of the Department of Sociology, Associate Dean of the College of Letters and Science and Vice Chancellor for Research. The end of his tenure as Chancellor in 1965 was precipitated by the burgeoning Free Speech Movement on campus. He later returned to teaching at the university after being appointed Mills Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy and Civil Polity, taking on emeritus status in 1967.

    Strong’s papers are now available to the public and are a great resource for scholars of leftist movements on the U.C. Berkeley campus. Indeed, they provide much insight into the university’s attitudes and actions towards pending changes on campus, and the often fearless students who engendered them.

    Mario H. Ramirez, Archivist

    Photo Credit: Ted Streshinksy